Global Webinar Series 2023-2024

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In this installment of the Hydrocephalus Society’s Global Webinar Series, we are building upon the valuable experiences gained over the past three years. We are excited to gradually expand the scope of our program to encompass various cerebrospinal fluid dynamic disturbances and to involve colleagues from diverse specialties. While the title of this round’s program remains “Adult CSF Dynamics Disturbances: Basics and Management,” for the first time, the final session will include pediatric topics. This expansion recognizes that CSF dynamics disturbances encompass a spectrum of pathophysiological and clinical aspects that evolve with age. We believe this will foster richer discussions and collaborations among colleagues in both clinical and basic sciences.

Building on the success of the previous round, where discussions on traditional adult hydrocephalus topics sparked exciting new ideas and engaging conversations among our panel of experts and attendees, we will continue to blend old and new themes.

Consistent with the Hydrocephalus Society’s mission to advance the art and science of clinical care and research in hydrocephalus and CSF disorders, we are proud to offer this series of webinars free of charge. We will maintain the tradition of ten 60-minute sessions, held once monthly from November 2023 to August 2024. For those who cannot attend the live broadcasts, recorded webinars will be available free of charge on our society’s website. The series will conclude just prior to the 16th Hydrocephalus Society Meeting in Nagoya, Japan, scheduled for September 13-16, 2024. We eagerly anticipate seeing you there.

We extend a warm invitation to you to attend these webinars. Rest assured, even older topics will feature exciting updates presented by world experts in their respective fields. We also eagerly anticipate receiving your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

On behalf of the Hydrocephalus Society

Ahmed Toma
Scientific Lead for the 2023 – 2024
Hydrocephalus Webinar Series
Richard Edwards
Hydrocephalus Society Webinar Series 2023-2024
Official Language of the Webinars

The Official Language of the Webinars is English, with live captioning offered for persons with disabilities.


Each webinar has a duration between 60 – 120 minutes.


For more information or inquiries, please contact us at

Registration for Part 6!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration is free of charge!. Each webinar will be available to watch for a week after broadcasting, and then will become available only to Hydrocephalus Society Members in the website’s Members Corner.


Webinar Recordings can be found in the Member’s Corner.

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