Mission statement 2008

Traditionally, hydrocephalus has been the “Aschenputtel” of Neurosurgery. The old school of investigators created a wide corpus of knowledge, often not formalized or synthesized in the peer-reviewed literature. Much has been reported in various international meetings, where the main mission may not have been hydrocephalus and related CSF disorders.

Since 2001, more focused meetings have been held, and it is now appreciated that a consistent international scientific assembly and forum is required to bridge between the junior and senior, and the clinical and basic scientists interested in this fascinating and multidisciplinary field to the potential benefit of patients and families.

We suggest that a new society whose mission is the pursuit of both clinical and basic research of the CSF circulation and its related disorders would be complementary to the existing societies, which are more clinically-oriented. On behalf of our colleagues worldwide, we are honored to propose that the new society should be called the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HYDROCEPHALUS AND CEREBROSPINAL FLUID DISORDERS with the following aims:

  • Promoting international exchanges and encouraging worldwide representation and stimulating research and debate.
  • Providing and promoting excellence in professional education and research by offering a variety of programs in both the clinical aspects of hydrocephalus and the basic sciences to physicians, young researchers and allied health professionals
  • Supporting and advocating an environment which ensures ethical, high quality, care for hydrocephalus both in the developed and developing world by advancing public education and awareness.
  • Supporting guidelines, standardized methods and ethically conducted clinical and basic research in the hydrocephalus, CSF disorders and related fields

International Society for Hydrocephalus and Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders

February 27, 2008