Mats Tullberg

Professor of Neurology, Senior Consultant Neurologist

Director, Gothenburg Hydrocephalus Research Unit
President-elect, Hydrocephalus Society
Board member and quality manager, Swedish Hydrocephalus Quality Registry
Member EANS CSF Task Force

Dr. Tullberg is a Professor of Neurology, Senior Consultant neurologist and chief of the Adult hydrocephalus research group and hydrocephalus care program at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

After graduating from Gothenburg University Medical School in 1990, he did his Neurology Residency at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in parallel with PhD studies and defended his thesis on normal pressure hydrocephalus and white matter pathology in 2001. After a post-doc fellowship at UC Davis, California he has specialized in adult hydrocephalus, combining research with consultant services at the Department of Neurology and Sahlgrenska hydrocephalus research unit. Dr Tullberg has held positions as Chief of Department, Chief medical officer and acting Quality director at Sahlgrenska University hospital. He is currently President elect of the Hydrocephalus Society, quality director and board member of the Swedish Hydrocephalus Quality Registry and president for the upcoming Hydrocephalus Society meeting, Hydrocephalus 2022 in Gothenburg. His current main clinical and research interests are the diagnosis and management of hydrocephalus in adults, especially idiopathic NPH. Studies include CSF biomarkers and MR/neuroimaging changes characterizing NPH and different neurodegenerative disorders such as subcortical vascular dementia and pathophysiological, clinical, diagnostic and predictive aspects of NPH and associated co-morbidities as well as studies of natural course, mortality and epidemiology of iNPH. Dr Tullberg has published over 50 original papers.

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