New Website – New Membership System – More Benefits than EVER

Welcome to a new era for the Hydrocephalus Society! 2021 was a very important year for us, as we held our very first Virtual Meeting and we launched our extremely successful Webinar Series on iNPH!

As we move to 2022, we have some great news for our community members:

New Website
Our website is updated and remodelled to provide a much better user experience. It’s faster, better and easier to navigate from mobile, Mac and PC. Take a tour and see for yourself!

New Membership System
This is the most important update! A new membership software is now active for our members, that allows better user experience, recurring membership, ease of access and renewal, and access to the most updated scientific content of the society.

More benefits than ever
Being a Hydrocephalus Society Member comes with a series of benefits, that in 2022 will be more than ever! Take a look to our updated and enhanced membership benefits list.