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Be a member! More benefits than ever!

Be a member! More benefits than ever!

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

We would like to thank you for your great support and contribution to the Hydrocephalus Society. Your participation is invaluable for the continuous development of our Society.

We had a very successful Annual Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden and wish to meet you soon again for the 2023 Annual Meeting in Hamburg, Germany, on 25 – 28 August.

With this message, we wish to invite you to be part of our community and consider membership, making the most for the new year.

Being a Hydrocephalus Society Member comes with a series of benefits, that in 2023 will be more than ever!

Special Discount for the Annual Hydrocephalus Meeting
Abstracts of Hydrocephalus Meetings
Members’ directory
Access to the “only-members corner”
On demand access to the Hydrocephalus 2022-2023 Webinar Series
Quarterly scientific “Hydrocephalus Society Newsletter”
Video minutes of Hydrocephalus Meetings
Discount for Publications at Fluids & Barriers of the CNS journal
Right to participate in the General Assembly of the Society
Global networking
The chance to meet our Board Members, exchange ideas and participate on a series of activities of the Society
The chance to invite the Hydrocephalus meeting in your respective country

Ready to join?

Find more about our membership benefits here.

We are delighted to introduce our New Membership Types and Fees (per annum):
Physicians/Basic scientists/Engineers – 150 EUR
Residents/Nurses/Fellows – 80 EUR
Part-time employees (up to 50% – with employer confirmation in English) – 80 EUR
Students (with student ID-Card) – 50 EUR
Retired Seniors (65+ years old) – 50 EUR
3 years membership – 350 EUR – For this type of Membership please send us an email at

It would be our pleasure to have you on board!

Hydro Global Webinar Series 2022-2023 Part 2 Registration

Hydro Global Webinar Series 2022-2023 Part 2 Registration

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Hydrocephalus Society is delighted to invite you to register for yet another session of the Global Webinar Series 2022-2023: Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamic Disturbances in Adults.

For our upcoming webinar, we are proud to introduce our speakers and moderators for Part 2: Hakim’s Disease: Diagnosis, to be held on 17 December 2022, 11.00 CET, with 4 topnotch lectures delivered by prestigious experts: Eric Schmidt “Pathophysiology”, Sanna Pääaho “Neuropsychology”, Ari Blitz “Radiology”, Ville Leinonen “Biomarkers”.

Our moderators for Part 2 will be: Mats Tullberg, Carolyn Harris

Statement by the Hydrocephalus Society regarding the Ukrainian – Russian Crisis

Statement by the Hydrocephalus Society regarding the Ukrainian – Russian Crisis

As a medical and scientific society, the Hydrocephalus Society condemns the war against the sovereign and the democratic state of Ukraine in the strongest terms. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people who suffer unimaginably and the Russian people who raise their voices against this unjustified aggression.  We ask the Russian government to stop this war immediately and return to the negotiating table.

New Website – New Membership System – More Benefits than EVER

Welcome to a new era for the Hydrocephalus Society! 2021 was a very important year for us, as we held our very first Virtual Meeting and we launched our extremely successful Webinar Series on iNPH!

As we move to 2022, we have some great news for our community members:

New Website
Our website is updated and remodelled to provide a much better user experience. It’s faster, better and easier to navigate from mobile, Mac and PC. Take a tour and see for yourself!

New Membership System
This is the most important update! A new membership software is now active for our members, that allows better user experience, recurring membership, ease of access and renewal, and access to the most updated scientific content of the society.

More benefits than ever
Being a Hydrocephalus Society Member comes with a series of benefits, that in 2022 will be more than ever! Take a look to our updated and enhanced membership benefits list.


Hydrocephalus Community Survey – Help us improve our services!

Hydrocephalus Community Survey – Help us improve our services!

You are hereby invited to participate to this short survey and help us further improve our services, structure and strategies, towards the development of a global network for the Hydrocephalus and CSF Community.

Please note that the survey is anonymous. You will be asked to provide some qualitative information and you will have the option to share your email address if you want to receive news from the Hydrocephalus Society in the future.


Hydrocephalus 2021 Abstracts are published on Fluids and Barriers of the CNS!

Our 2021 Virtual Meeting was an absolute success! We watched great oral and e-Poster presentations with top-quality original research.

The 2021 Abstracts of the Meeting are now published by the Fluids and Barriers of the CNS Online Journal and are available to view online on the journal’s website.

Take a look and see for your self the amazing work that was presented during the Hydrocephalus 2021 Annual Meeting!


Hydrocephalus Society Global Webinar Series on iNPH: Coming next: Part 6 – Outcome – 26 Feb 2022, 11.00 AM CET

We invite you to register for Part 6 of the Hydrocephalus Society Global Webinar Series on iNPH & Surgical Techniques for young Neurosurgeons which will take place on 26 February 2022, 11.00 AM CET!

The topic of the 6th Webinar is: Outcome

For this 6th part of the series, you will enjoy 3 very interesting lectures:

  1. Outcome – short and long term by Kerstin Andren
  2. Costeffectiveness of NPH treatment by Carsten Wikkelso
  3. How to raise awareness of NPH by Mark Hamilton

Also remember that The Hydrocephalus Society Global Webinar Series on iNPH 2021-2022 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 1 European CME credit per webinar.


Hydrocephalus 2022 Registration is open

Hydrocephalus 2022 Registration is open

You can now register for the Hydrocephalus Meeting 2022 and benefit from the early rates!

2022 marks the year for our return to physical Meetings and we are truly excited to invite you to join us for the 14th Annual Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society, in Gothenburg, Sweden, between 9-12 September 2022.

Invited lectures by top-scientists of the Hydrocephalus and CSF Global Community, more than 120 original research abstracts presentations, global networking, our highlight Young Investigators Awards, are only some of what you will get by registering for the Meeting!


Hydrocephalus 2022 Call for Abstracts!

We are delighted to launch the call for abstracts for the upcoming Hydrocephalus 2022 Annual Meeting, to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, between 9-12 September 2022, IN-PERSON!

The International Organizing Committee of the Meeting welcomes the submission of original contributions on the Progress and Controversies in Hydrocephalus.

We are also pleased to announce that this year’s Young Investigators Awards will be more than ever! We have increased the number of awards AND the prizes for the winners, and we very much look forward to receiving ground-breaking research from our young scientists.

Consult the updated Thematic Topics and submit your abstract until 2 May 2022!

We kept the best for last: Presenting your abstract at Hydrocephalus 2022 also gives you the option to publish it to the highly acclaimed Journal “Fluids and Barriers of the CNS”, with 2-year impact factor 7.662!


Hydrocephalus Society Global Webinar Series on iNPH 2021-2022

Hydrocephalus Society Global Webinar Series on iNPH 2021-2022

A year ago we thought the Covid 19 pandemic would be over soon, unfortunately we are still fighting new waves and no clear end is in sight. That is also the reason why we will continue with conferences and education online. Online meetings have advantages (no travelling, cheaper participation) but disadvantages (more difficult discussions, lacking personal contacts) as well.

Respecting the pandemic situation and the restrictions for travelling we are going to continue the successful webinar on NPH of last year with an additional series on surgical techniques of hydrocephalus shunts and ETV for young neurosurgeons. Nevertheless, we are looking very much forward to a physical meeting next year in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sept. 9-12, 2022.

The new Hydrocephalus Society Global Webinar Series 2021/2022 on NPH and Surgical Techniques for Young Neurosurgeons will consist of ten 60-minute webinars occurring once or twice per month between November 2021 and Mai 2022. The timing of the webinars varies to allow a rotation between favorable European, Asian, and American time zones.

These webinars will draw on the clinical, surgical, and scientific expertise of experts in the field of NPH. It will be provided free of charge for members of the Hydrocephalus Society and for 10 Euros / webinar for non-members. Read more and register